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Psalm 147

1 Hallelujah! It is good to sing psalms to our God. It is pleasant to sing [his] praise beautifully.

2 The LORD is the builder of Jerusalem. He is the one who gathers the outcasts of Israel together.

3 He is the healer of the brokenhearted. He is the one who bandages their wounds.

4 He determines the number of stars. He gives each one a name.

5 Our Lord is great, and his power is great. There is no limit to his understanding.

6 The LORD gives relief to those who are oppressed. He brings wicked people down to the ground.

7 Sing to the LORD a song of thanksgiving. Make music to our God with a lyre.

8 He covers the sky with clouds. He provides rain for the ground. He makes grass grow on the mountains.

9 He is the one who gives food to animals and to young ravens when they call out.

10 He finds no joy in strong horses, nor is he pleased by brave soldiers.

11 The LORD is pleased with those who fear him, with those who wait with hope for his mercy.

12 Praise the LORD, Jerusalem! Praise your God, Zion!

13 He makes the bars across your gates strong. He blesses the children within you.

14 He is the one who brings peace to your borders and satisfies your [hunger] with the finest wheat.

15 He is the one who sends his promise throughout the earth. His word travels with great speed.

16 He is the one who sends snow like wool and scatters frost like ashes.

17 He is the one who throws his hailstones like breadcrumbs. Who can withstand his chilling blast?

18 He sends out his word and melts his hailstones. He makes wind blow [and] water flow.

19 He speaks his word to Jacob, his laws and judicial decisions to Israel.

20 He has done nothing like this for any other nation. The other nations do not know the decisions he has handed down. Hallelujah!

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